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One day, Rainbow Tails and his class had taken a trip to one of the most famous wizards laboratory, whom he was known as Wizcasso. His lab apart from those bubbly colorful potions placed on the walls, was filled with some of the most astonishing large globe shaped glass tanks. Inside them seemed to be like another world, clouds floating around, colors mixing and clashing, and also what seemed like there were living creatures inside it which had always dropped the jaws of visitors on the floor from the look. Each seemed like a piece of artwork, which had spread the rumor of Wizcasso being actually an artist hiding under a wizards mask, which was how he got his name 'Wizcasso'. Of course as impressive as they looked, a big funny sign saying 'Please don't touch them or them may bite you' had always kept a large distance between it and the visitor. RainbowTails, being one with an adventurous, curious temper would never accept such a say and for this gazed around the laboratory and everyone around to see how he can get the opportunity to touch them. In his head he had always heard Wizcasso screaming his serious warning of 'Do not touch!''. But his way of being just beat to it and the moment the class and Wizcasso had moved to another side of the lab where he couldn't be seen, he knew the time had come and took the opportunity to get close to one of the large glass tanks.

His eyes widened like a ball, the bright blue colors and dancing musical notes from the glass tank reflected on his eyes as he smiled to the beauty of the artwork. Wizcasso's warning was screaming louder inside. Though he looked around once more, and once he realized the coast was clear his eyebrows lowered, grinned and lifted his right pawn to the glass infront him. The moment he made a light touch on it, a sudden zap of light glowed out from where he touched it, and as the whole got bigger slowly began sucking him in. The light zap got even more bright as it cloned more arms, looking very angry to have been waken up from its sleep. Rainbowtails screamed for help, and just in seconds Wizcasso and the class had arrived to the scene. His eyes expressed a sign of worry, as he and the class tried to pull Rainbowtails out from the sucking ball by pulling behind. Despite the tough struggle, Wizcasso knew it was unfortunate as the glass had already sucked Rainbowtails halfway, only left his legs and tail to be pulled from. Within seconds, it had swallowed Rainbowtails, the light zap disappeared from the well feeding.

Wizcasso faced to the class, in deep desperate eyes confirmed that those beautiful tank world's weren't really beautiful in the inside and that it were part of his uncompleted experiment. Rainbowtailscan wasn't anymore in their world but inside one of Wizcasso's uncompleted experiments, and from his looks it didnt seem like he was any safe inside. He made a run to the drawer, took out what seemed like a bunch of colors of sticks. The sticks soon revealed to be colors of markers, rather magical from the bright colors they splashed from inside.

"I'll try guiding Rainbowtails by painting trails with these markers" was the last thing Wizcasso said as he concentrated on the musical world tank where he had fallen. Will Wizcasso be able to save Rainbowtails from his uncompleted world experiment?

It is up to you as Wizcasso to save Rainbowtails!

-Stay tuned for new levels!

by I.Can Atay

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Available on Google Play.


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